Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Will E.L.F Wrinkle Refiner Turn Back the Hands of Time?

I just crawled out from under a pile of school books and flashcards to post this quickie review of E.L.F Wrinkle Refiner.  In case you missed it, I am part of an intensive training program which will keep me away from blogging through early Dec. I will sneak in a few, so I don't feel like a total slacker.

E.L.F  Wrinkle Refiner is a type of product that you always wish would work, but never really does.  But E.L.F prices are so reasonable that I figured I may as well try it.  As I mature, I find my biggest concern are the fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes (WEAR SUNGLASSES...Seriously Yo.) So I really wanted this product to work.

Here is my before.  You can see I have one deep under eye wrinkle that absolutely infuriates me.  It's amazing how eye makeup finds it's way into that wrinkle and just zips across my face.  Even a slight diminishment would impress me.

 Here is my after.  So this stuff does exactly what it says it does.  This absolutely smoothed out my fine lines and wrinkles..a little too well...ingrate, I know.  This made my undereye so smooth that the rest of my face kinda looked haggard and weird.  Hard to explain, but the smoothness really stood out.

I also noticed a few side effects worth mentioning.  The product itself is the consistency of any eye serum you might buy, like Olay Regenerist, things like that.   After putting this on (you don't need much) my undereye felt tingly.  Not burning or hot, but tingly.  I felt swollen, which makes sense since it was plumping the lines, but it almost got to the point where I felt my vision was ever so slightly disrupted.  My lower lids felt puffy.  The side effects would not keep me from using this, but I feel some sensitive skin people may feel differently.

The lasting power varied.  The first time I used this it looked very smooth and full for maybe 15 minutes. After that the wrinkles came back.  However, I used this another time and the effect lasted several hours.  I feel like I used the same amount, but perhaps not.

Final Thoughts

This does exactly what it claims, but I think the undereye appearance it provides is not natural, at least not to the people who would be really excited to try a wrinkle minimizer.  If your skin is smooth, but you have a few lines, I bet this will please you.  If like me you have lines and some crepeing of the skin, then you may need to pass.

Where to buy: Target and other E.L.F retailers
Price: $3.00


  1. Wow, that's crazy; it looks like the second photo has been photo-shopped or something, it looks very "soft focus". I would not be ok with the tingly feeling though... I have very sensitive eyes :( This sounds like an interesting product, though, thanks for your thoughts!

  2. Hmmm...this seems interesting. I wanna try it out since I love to try out different anti aging products. i want to know if this product will be included in my list of great anti aging products.

  3. $3 is so cheap to try and after reading your review i found it worth of a shot..gotta ask to medical consultant first..Thanx a lot by the way :-)


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