Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dragon Slayer and More Glamorous Golds from BFTE!

Wow, I haven't done a BFTE post in ages and I have literally mounds of it to show you.  Since their Color of the Week is Dragonslayer, I thought perhaps some golds might be a nice start.

If you are new to my blog or to BFTE, they are a indie mineral brand specializing in high quality, richly pigmented  cruelty free eye shadows.  They have over 400+ colors in their lineup, which is truly mind boggling.  I think their gold shadows are some of their very best in terms of payoff and Wow factor.

They are fresh off their first visit to IMATS, so some of you might have been lucky enough to meet the team in person. 

Old Time Taffy

Old Time Taffy is a shimmering buttered peach with chunky gold sparkle.

Mutiny is a rich autumn with gorgeous copper sparkles

Golden Age

Golden Age is a deep gold over a charcoal base with lots of multi color sparkle

Dragon Slayer

Dragon Slayer is an intense molten metallic gold.

Final Thoughts

BFTE is a constant solid winner.  They love what they do, and they are amazing at it.  All of these shadows were pigmented, easy to work with and long lasting.  Dragon Slayer is a cult classic and something everyone needs.  You can pick up Dragon Slayer this week (usually they change on Monday, so you should have until 2-3 or 2-4) as the COTW.  You get a full sized COTW and 3 samples of your choosing for $6.00 It is such a fun way to work your way through their catalog. 

As an add on note, their customer service is absolutely the best.  They package and ship lightning fast.  And by fast, I mean it is not unheard of for your order to be at the post office within hours of you ordering.  If you have questions, concerns, comments, they are on top of it.  It is one of the many reasons that sets BFTE  apart from their competition.

Where to buy: Beauty From the Earth
Price:  Samples $2.00 Full Size $6.50

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Two Iconic Shadows from Sweet Libertine: Dragonfly and Thai Silk

Sweet Libertine is a cosmetic brand I love and use often, but I never got around to reviewing as much as I would have liked.  Mainly because the shadows I had were tough to photograph, so they sat there until my set up improved.  Now, I can finally start writing some of these reviews!

I chose this review to post first since it contains a shadow that will soon be gone forever.  I want you to have a shot at owning it before it is gone.  That color is Dragonfly and I decided to pair it with cult favorite Thai Silk.

Dragonfly and Thai Silk showcase Sweet Libertine at it's best.  Pigmented, smooth and beautifully nuanced. 

Dragonfly  ($8.00)

Dragonfly is a beautiful orange base with a gorgeous, iridescent green/blue reflect.  The shift is beyond the normal duo chrome effect.  This captures the multi tonal iridescent glimmer of a dragonfly's wings.

Here is another angle to capture the shift.  I am not aware of another orange based shadow with a similar effect. I've seen something similar over brown, but nothing this complicated.  It looks amazing as a lid color on it's own or brushed over another shadow.

Thai Silk   ($5.00)

Thai Silk is shimmering intense orange that reminds me of exotic saffron threads.  Thai Silk was my first must have from Sweet Libertine. Sheila over at The Painted Ladies uses this in a number of her 365 Days of Makeup looks and it is always breathtaking.

Final Thoughts

I am consistently impressed with Sweet Libertine's selection and quality.  Sarah has really fun and sometimes even naughty collections (remember the XXX collection).  I also love how many philosophy references you can find in the product names.  Their turn around time like other indie brands can be on the long side.  But they are reworking how they stock and sell their shadows so that turn time has improved.   One drawback is they don't have a great way to sample shadows.  You can get a 10 baggie random sample pack for $8.00 but from what the website says they only have 10-15 shades sampled at any given time.  Kind of a bummer if you want to try out their extensive catalog.

I can't guarantee how long Dragonfly will be around.  Due to production issues it seems they can no longer make it.  All they have now, is all they are ever going to have.  So do yourself a solid and get a jar while you can.

Where to Buy:  Sweet Libertine
Price: $5-8 for full sized I don't see any exact size, but looks to be about 1 gram (ish) in a 5 gram sifter jar.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Lip Lust: Whip Hand Cosmetics Lip Hit Veneer in Score!

If came through here last summer, you might have seen a few posts I did on Whip Hand Cosmetic Lip Cremes.  These creamy lipstains are still part of my regular rotation, so imagine how excited I was when I heard about Whip Hand Cosmetics latest lip treat, Lip Hit Long Wear Lip Veneers.

From Whip Hand Cosmetics "Designed to slide on easy like a lip gloss, but provide opaque coverage like a lipstick, our LIP HIT Longwear Lip Veneers stay-put for the long-haul."  The immediate comparison in my mind was an OCC Lip Tar, so I went into this review with that in mind.  And there are a pretty even number of similarities and differences.

First difference is the applicator.  Instead of a squeeze tube and lip brush, Lip Hit's come in a twist dispense vial with a soft silicone applicator, very similar to a frosting spatula.  The tip is very flexible and soft.
The product emerges from one side of the spatula as you twist from the bottom.  The first go round is likely to be your messiest. If you are impatient like me then you will assume after the first five clicks that something is broken...then you might frantically twist it a good 6 more times and then act shocked when it oozes out all over.  Or maybe you won't do that. ;)  No matter which approach you take, once you prime the product you only need a click or two to dispense enough product to cover your lips. That dollop above is about enough to cover my lips.

Score is a rich deep berry shade packed with gold shimmery and sparkle.  I was surprised the gold did not overwhelm the berry color since it is quite intense.  If the sun catches your mouth just right the gold really pops, but you never lose that berry hue beneath.

Like a Lip Tar, a little goes a long way.  This vial will last you quite a long time, unless you get a little carried away twisting that base.  Another difference is the way this feels on your lips.  It does not dry down to the extent of a Lip Tar.  It stays ever so slightly tacky, not like MAC Lipglass tacky. It's a richer, emollient sort of tack. I was able to press my lips together without the color pulling apart, although in general that is a habit you really want to break.  I experienced zero bleeding or migrating..big plus for this gal.  The wear time was less then a Lip Tar, since it did not dry down.  I would say 4-6 hours if you drink and eat, a good hour or so more if you don't.  Since it doesn't dry down like a Lip Tar, I found my lips didn't look parched or dry, which is a problem I have with OCC.  This does transfer while eating and drinking, but not enough that I felt I needed to reapply.

Final Thoughts

I am absolutely sold on the formula.  I think Whip Hand Cosmetics has a strong command of the lipgloss/lipstick hybrid formula.  It is long wearing, feels good on, and the color was unique and richly pigmented.  I love the applicator.  I do not like carrying around a tiny lip brush in my purse.  My purse is a cavernous, forsaken place and once that teeny brush is placed inside, it may as well be in the Twilight Zone.  This packaging is far more user friendly.  The spatula does a great job of giving you a crisp sharp edge. It spreads the color with ease and is easier to clean then a traditional lip

One downside for me is the ease at which you can get the inside of the cap messy.  I try to wipe the tip of the applicator after each use, but the spatula touches the top of the cap so some transfer is inevitable.  I asked Riese about this and she said she was aware of this and the cap was made large enough for people to use a lip brush to get at any product the is left in that cap. Knowing that people can over click the cap was designed to be accessible so that extra product wouldn't go to waste.

Whip Hand Cosmetics Lip Hit Long Wear Lip Veneers come in 7 shades. The price may be prohibitive to some, they are more expensive per oz then OCC Lip Tars, but again, it is going to last you.  Also, if you are in the US you do not pay any shipping at Whip Hand Cosmetics ever.  That savings adds up.

Where to buy:  Whip Hand Cosmetics
Price: $20.00 for 2.3ml

Friday, January 25, 2013

Beauty Blogazons Weekly Roundup: 1/25

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Geek Chic Cosmetics: Win or Die (and look fab doing it!)

Get ready for a TON of Geek Chic Cosmetics posts!  I placed my first order a few months back and I've been in a tail spin ever since. They have something for every geek, Dr. Who., Firefly, BSG, Princess Bride...the list goes on.  Today I will share some of the colors I picked up from the Game of Thrones inspired "Win or Die" collection.

If you enjoy the Song of Ice and Fire books by George R. R. Martin and/or the HBO series based on the books, Game of Thrones, then this collection is right up your alley.

First off, if you are reading this post anytime in January of 2013 the first color on the left, Kingslayer, is the Geek Chic Color of the Month.  Which means you can get a full sized jar for only $2.99 (normally $5.99)  for all of January.  It's gorgeous, you want it.


Kingslayer (based on the cloak of the Kingsguard, knights sworn to defend (har!) the King of Westeros) is a beautiful shimmering ivory with a pink/peach reflect and gold sparkle. Perfect highlight color for lids and cheeks, looks amazing on the inner corner of your eye. A Geek Chic knockout color.

Born in Fire

Born in Fire (envision the violet eyes of the mad "keep it in the family" Targaryans) is a rich aubergine with a slight pink iridescence and pink sparkle.

The Pointy End

The Pointy End (little Arya knows the business end of any weapon, not to mention being one of the most interesting female characters in modern literature!!) is a rich taupe with silver and gold sparkles.

Final thoughts

I really love this company.  I need to do an entire post devoted to just how awesome they are, from web design and product photos, to fun collections and packaging, not to mention great products.  Geek Chic is something special folks.

Where to buy: Geek Chic Cosmetics
Price: Samples $1.25 in a plastic clamshell or Full Sized $5.99 in a 5 gram jar

Don't forget, each month Geek Chic Cosmetics offers a color of the month, a full sized shadow for $2.99.  For January 2013 this color is Kingslayer.  Buy it!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

3 Must Have Shadows from Detrivore Cosmetics!

Detrivore Cosmetics is a brand I've only recently started using.  I'd seen a few swatches here and there, but it wasn't until I stumbled on a blog post over at that I got all excited and placed my first order.  I was immediately drawn to the names.  The first shadow I saw was Ossuary, which instantly reminded me of Dellamorte Dellamore (Cemetery Man) so I knew I was probably going to fall in love.

Detrivore Cosmetics is a small indie brand out of the Pacific NW. ( I am pretty lucky to be local to 3 amazing indie brands!)  The shadow names conjure up all things creepy and morbid (Bruise, Crypt, Wraith etc)  Love it!!

This is my first Detrivore post so I wanted to start by showing you three of the best colors I've tried so far...but trust me, there are so many more.


Vile is a shimmery Aztec Gold.  Depending on how you look at it, it can have either a subtle green or subtle pink undertone.  Very hard to describe but beautiful!


Toxicity is a rich red toned brown with a slight blue cast and blue and pink sparkle.


Abnormal is a yellow gold shadow over a black base.  The resulting color is a rich olive green.  Closer to the hand swatch up top.  Really stunning in person, rich and complex.

Final Thoughts

So far I am a big fan.  In fact, they make two of my favorite shadows: Abnormal, which I get so many compliments on and Scar, which is beyond beautiful, but really tough to photograph. Trust me, just buy it.  They occasionally have a 10 for $20 sale, where you get 10 full sized shadows (5 gram jar) for $20.  This does not include Limited Edition items, but it covers most everything else. The quality is consistently good.  I have one shadow that feels a little dry and hard to use, but everything else is pigmented and very easy to apply and blend.

Detrivore currently has the 10 for $20 deal right now until Feb 3rd

Where to buy: Detrivore Cosmetics
Price: $1.00 for a sample bag  $4.00 for full sized in 5 gram jar ( I need to check what the product volume is, I am guessing 1-3 grams, I will find out for sure)

Friday, January 18, 2013

New For Spring 2013: Milani Color Statement Lipsticks and Lip Liners!

Milani has a bold new line of high impact lipsticks and lip liners, available now.  Milani is a beauty favorite for those who want department store quality at an affordable price.  These vibrant colors will help brighten the last dark days of Winter and get you jazzed for the fun colors of Spring and Summer.


Make a statement without saying a word!  True Instant Color. One stroke, full coverage application. This next generation lipstick gives the ultimate in color, texture and finish.  The lightweight creamy formula contains Vitamins A, C, & E to moisturize and nourish lips. Paraben-free. Available in Vinyl, Metallic, Cream, Shimmer, Pearl & Matte finish.

Make a statement without saying a word. True Instant Color. Satin color in one stroke application. This next generation lipliner is a long-wearing, easy-glide formula to line & fill-in your lips. Paraben-free.

I am not familiar with the vinyl finish, which is described as the shine of a creme with a lipgloss finish.  Slick, shiny High Voltage Orange lips???  I am weak in the knees.  Also pretty excited to try the metallic Violet Volt.

Which colors are you going to haul?

Available now on

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hot Product: Whip Hand Cosmetics Creme Shadow in Sneaky!

While clicking through Facebook today, I noticed Whip Hand Cosmetics posted an update regarding their super popular Creme Shadow Sneaky.  Seems they have fresh stock on hand that is primed to fly quickly off the shelves.  Well, bells went off, Sneaky was in my review pile before I went AWOL in December, so perfect time for a quick review!

Whip Hand Cosmetic Creme Shadows are amazing little pans full of awesome.  They are hand poured into palette friendly 3oz pans enclosed in a handy plastic clam shell. They work both as a stand alone high pigment eye shadows and as eye shadow bases.  Creme Shadows on their own have never worked on my oily lids, however, these creme shadows are my absolute favorite shadow bases period...ever...ever!  Here is how I describe them.  Imagine you had the blendability of a MAC Paint Pot and the color amplifying power of Fyrinnae Pixy Epoxy.  And it came in over 20 colors AND it was only $9.  See how I get excited??!

Sneaky has warm leather appearance in the pan. It's a medium caramel brown with a subtle silver sparkle. It has a satin sheen and finish.  I love using this base under neutral looks to give them a little more pop. Golds and coppers especially look spectacular over Sneaky.  The Whip Hand post mentions using this as a highlighter which I think would be lovely, given the subtle sheen to the finish.  If you have the sorts of eyelids that take creme shadows well, I can easily see this finding it's way into many dewy, fresh spring and summer looks. 

Final Thoughts

I have four of these amazing creme shadows and I love and use them all. The color selection is impressive, currently over 20!  These range from subtle whites and tans, to flaming oranges, shocking purples and inky blacks.  Another big plus for me is that these do not impart a super frosty finish, like other popular creme shadows (think Maybelline Color Tattoo and L'Oreal Infallible). A frosty base on a creme shadow is a deal breaker for me, because anything I put on it gets the full frost treatment.  With Whip Hand Creme Shadows you can retain almost all of your shadows original finish. Mattes stay matte, shimmers stay shimmery and frosts stay frosty.

Pair these with any of Whip Hand Cosmetics 40+ pigments and there is nearly no end to the looks you can create. 

It is near impossible to be unique and bring anything new to the cosmetics table.  Riese and the people over at Whip Hand are doing it.  You'll be hearing more about this Detroit based brand in the future...promise!

Which color do you want to try first?

Where to buy:  Whip Hand Cosmetics
Price: $9.00

This review contains sample product sent to me for consideration.  All opinions are my own.  For more information visit my disclosure page

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Beating Post Holiday Blahs w/ Whip Hand Cosmetics Loose Pigment in Shift

I've been so school focused lately that all things beauty just fell by the wayside.  So much so that I nearly ran out of my #1 holy grail product Whip Hand Cosmetics Cream Shadow in Thermal...if this is news to you, check out my review here, then get your ass promptly over to Whip Hand and try it for yourself.  I digress, I realized while placing my order that I had a pile of Whip Hand products in my review folders.  So this week I will clear out those folders and get you some more reviews.  First up to bat is Whip Hand Loose Pigment in Shift.

Whip Hand loose shadows are highly pigmented, blend beautifully and come in over 40 rich,vibrant colors.  Pigments come packaged in sturdy glass vials designed to stay securely closed in kits, drawers etc.  This design is ideally suite to the MUA crowd, but I like to decant these into 5 gram jars for ease of use.  You get TONS of product.

Here is a view of a full pigment vial.  I packed a 5 gram jar to bursting with this pigment and still had almost 3/4 of a vial remaining.   A little goes a long, long way.  It would take years of dedicated to use to consume one vial of product.

Shift is a rich warm medium brown with a luxe golden finish.  The swatch above used a minimal amount of product brushed across Whip Hand Creme Shadow in Thermal.  Pairing Whip Hand Loose pigments with any of their Creme Shadows, of which there are many,  creates an intense nearly crease proof finish.

Final Thoughts

I've yet to be disappointed by any Whip Hand pigments.  They are pigmented, apply easily, stay put, have almost no fallout and come in many colors and finishes.  The vials are $14.00 and come packed with 3 grams of product.  This is about the same price per oz as a MAC pigment and at $14.00 for 3grams (Whip) vs $21.00 for 4.5grams (MAC) you can afford to try out more colors.  Plus they are way more user friendly.

Where to buy: Whip Hand Cosmetics
Price: $14.00 for 3grams 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

BFTE & Special Guest Phyrra to Make IMATS Debut!!

It is killing me right now that I can't make it to IMATS Jan 19-20 because one of my favorite brands ever...ever...EVER.  Is making their IMATS debut!

That's right!!  Crystal is taking BFTE on the road and will be at booth #805@ IMATS in LA.  Not only is BFTE one of my absolute favorite brands, but if you stop by the BFTE booth, you can also meet one of my favorite beauty bloggers, the lovely PhyrraPhyrra will be ensconced at booth #805 helping you explore all things BFTE.

Don't miss out on your chance to experience two beauty legends!  And give them a hug from me!!

The first 500 customers will receive a special gift w/purchase.  So hurry over!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Back with Two Must Have Shadows for 2013!

Remember me???!  If so, you may recall around Halloween I had to step back from the blog and focus on a national certification exam I was taking for a new job.  Well happily in early December I passed that exam and soon I start my new career.

I thought now would be a good time to ease back into the blog by bringing you two products I want you to get excited about in 2013.  These are not particularly new, but they were new to me and I've fallen head over heels in love!

I bring you two gorgeous shadows, one from Geek Chic Cosmetics and the other from Fyrinnae.  These are favorites due to the complexity of color and sheer awesomeness of sparkle.  Both of these fall into the "photos can't do justice" category, so you will have to trust me..they are ridiculous!!

Shenanigans comes from indie darling Fyrinnae.  It is a rich bronze/gold over a charcoal base absolutely packed with multi color sparkle.

Here is a titled shot to bring out some of the intense sparkle this shadows throws around.  Use this as a stunning lid color, add drama and sparkle to your crease or use wet as a gleaming liner.  This one is hard to put down.  I think this is a Fyrinnae shadow that does not get near the love it deserves.

We Are Coming is from the Timey Wimey (Dr.Who) collection over at Geek Chic Cosmetics.  It is a deep dark oak brown the throws off shades of blues, greens and reds with it's to die for sparkles.  You have to see this in person to appreciate the complexity and richness of color.

We Are Coming is a perfect way to blow away a boring neutral look.  Geek Chic Cosmetics are rapidly becoming my favorite brand for interesting and complex colors...not to mention the geek in me loves the collection names.

I hope you check these out for yourselves and look around at Fyrinnae and Geek Chic Cosmetics other offerings.  They both offer generous and affordable sample sizes so trying out new colors is easy and won't strain the bank account. 

Fyrinnae   and Geek Chic Cosmetics

What are some of your must haves for 2013?