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Lip Lust: Whip Hand Cosmetics Lip Hit Veneer in Score!

If came through here last summer, you might have seen a few posts I did on Whip Hand Cosmetic Lip Cremes.  These creamy lipstains are still part of my regular rotation, so imagine how excited I was when I heard about Whip Hand Cosmetics latest lip treat, Lip Hit Long Wear Lip Veneers.

From Whip Hand Cosmetics "Designed to slide on easy like a lip gloss, but provide opaque coverage like a lipstick, our LIP HIT Longwear Lip Veneers stay-put for the long-haul."  The immediate comparison in my mind was an OCC Lip Tar, so I went into this review with that in mind.  And there are a pretty even number of similarities and differences.

First difference is the applicator.  Instead of a squeeze tube and lip brush, Lip Hit's come in a twist dispense vial with a soft silicone applicator, very similar to a frosting spatula.  The tip is very flexible and soft.
The product emerges from one side of the spatula as you twist from the bottom.  The first go round is likely to be your messiest. If you are impatient like me then you will assume after the first five clicks that something is broken...then you might frantically twist it a good 6 more times and then act shocked when it oozes out all over.  Or maybe you won't do that. ;)  No matter which approach you take, once you prime the product you only need a click or two to dispense enough product to cover your lips. That dollop above is about enough to cover my lips.

Score is a rich deep berry shade packed with gold shimmery and sparkle.  I was surprised the gold did not overwhelm the berry color since it is quite intense.  If the sun catches your mouth just right the gold really pops, but you never lose that berry hue beneath.

Like a Lip Tar, a little goes a long way.  This vial will last you quite a long time, unless you get a little carried away twisting that base.  Another difference is the way this feels on your lips.  It does not dry down to the extent of a Lip Tar.  It stays ever so slightly tacky, not like MAC Lipglass tacky. It's a richer, emollient sort of tack. I was able to press my lips together without the color pulling apart, although in general that is a habit you really want to break.  I experienced zero bleeding or migrating..big plus for this gal.  The wear time was less then a Lip Tar, since it did not dry down.  I would say 4-6 hours if you drink and eat, a good hour or so more if you don't.  Since it doesn't dry down like a Lip Tar, I found my lips didn't look parched or dry, which is a problem I have with OCC.  This does transfer while eating and drinking, but not enough that I felt I needed to reapply.

Final Thoughts

I am absolutely sold on the formula.  I think Whip Hand Cosmetics has a strong command of the lipgloss/lipstick hybrid formula.  It is long wearing, feels good on, and the color was unique and richly pigmented.  I love the applicator.  I do not like carrying around a tiny lip brush in my purse.  My purse is a cavernous, forsaken place and once that teeny brush is placed inside, it may as well be in the Twilight Zone.  This packaging is far more user friendly.  The spatula does a great job of giving you a crisp sharp edge. It spreads the color with ease and is easier to clean then a traditional lip

One downside for me is the ease at which you can get the inside of the cap messy.  I try to wipe the tip of the applicator after each use, but the spatula touches the top of the cap so some transfer is inevitable.  I asked Riese about this and she said she was aware of this and the cap was made large enough for people to use a lip brush to get at any product the is left in that cap. Knowing that people can over click the cap was designed to be accessible so that extra product wouldn't go to waste.

Whip Hand Cosmetics Lip Hit Long Wear Lip Veneers come in 7 shades. The price may be prohibitive to some, they are more expensive per oz then OCC Lip Tars, but again, it is going to last you.  Also, if you are in the US you do not pay any shipping at Whip Hand Cosmetics ever.  That savings adds up.

Where to buy:  Whip Hand Cosmetics
Price: $20.00 for 2.3ml


  1. What a pretty color! The little spatula tip sounds strange, but it's good to hear that it works well. The formula sounds fantastic.

  2. Crystal, as always, thanks for the very thorough review and the gorgeous swatches. You do a fabulous job.

    While the spatula might sound weird, Marilyn, it literally was the only applicator we that we tested that allows the product to be applied in a way that preserves the unique properties of the lip veneer. The usual suspects just didn't cut it -- they make a mess and prevent the veneer from having the proper finish on the lips. A high quality lip brush can be used very effectively (and will need to be used for sanitary reasons by Pros using the product on clients), but for everyday, personal use, we wanted to package it in a way that was easy-to-use (but effective) and didn't require carrying a separate applicator or brush.

    Tip on the Twist: We made the same mistake during testing that you did, Crystal. You'll only want to click the pen a couple of times when you first use the product -- it can take a couple of minutes for the product to start flowing. There is a bit of a lag on the first use, so if you keep clicking, eventually you'll have an eruption. Patience pays. Once the LIP HIT is primed after the first use, you'll likely only have to click it once or twice to move the product onto the applicator for subsequent applications and there won't be a "delay."

    Hope this helps.

    Again, thanks for the wonderful review!

    Riese and The Whip Hand Cosmetics Team

  3. Happy Monday! I have never heard of the brand? And the spatula does look odd- but I have that tip on a different product.
    Okay-personally, I get more done on a Monday than I do all week!
    Hope this finds you doing awesome. Remember TEEN WEEK starts on Feb 1st at Makeup University. It truly is my favorite posts I do all year. Come see! Please share with a teen girl you know! Daily giveaways from Murad, Makeup Matte, Pure Ice Polish, Exposure Swimwear and more!
    Ciao ciao for now~


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