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Geek Chic Cosmetics Scapers Collection Reviews & Swatches

Warning, I am about to geek the f*ck out.  There are no words for how excited I've been for this collection.  I've literally beaten the dead horse from the moment I found Geek Chic Cosmetics.

Before it was announced: Are you going to make a Farscape collection?   You should totally make a Farscape collection.   You know what I love....FARSCAPE! 

After it was announced  OMG FARSCAPE!! When is it coming out?  I am going to buy the shit out of this collection.  Is it ready yet?  What exact minute will you release it?

After it was  released:  *SQUEAL*  When is it going to ship.? Can I get it shipped faster??  Did it ship yet?

After it shipped:  My box is like twenty mins from my house....I should just drive over there and knock on their door, they'd be totally cool right?  That's not weird.

Today Bliss!! Geek Chic Cosmetics Scapers Collection finally arrived in my mail box.

I love me some Dr.Who,  Star Wars..absolutely.  I have an 80 Warlock, Druid, Shaman, Priest, Paladin and Rogue on WoW.  I know my way around geekery and sci-fi and I think the Farscape universe was meant for Geek Chic Cosmetics.

Farscape follows the story of IASA astronaut John Crichton, who during the maiden flight of an experimental aircraft of his design, is accidentally shot through a wormhole into the farthest reaches of space.  He is picked up by a group of escaped prisoners who hijacked a Leviathan, a living ship, which had been their prison transport.  Over the years, they grow into a loving and totally dysfunctional family who wander the stars, avoiding those who seek to destroy them, all while trying to find their way home.  It's funny, it's heartbreaking and it has amazing sets and characters from Jim Henson Studios.  I am a big, big should be too!

Ok, makeup!!!

The first group introduces us to Scorpius, Pilot and Chiana

Harvey in my Head

Poor misunderstood Scorpius, half Sebacean, half Scarran and completely obsessed with John and his worm hole technology.  Eventually, even this menacing bad guy becomes a companion...of sorts.

Harvey in my Head is a satiny dove grey with a whisper of lilac and red sparkles 

Bonded to the Stars

Pilot is a voice of reason and a den mother to the crew of Moya. Bonded to a leviathan physically, Pilot and Moya are part of a symbiotic relationship.  They share each others pain, emotions, fears.

Bonded to the Stars is a shimmering yellow green with a golden cast and green sparkles.


Chiana is a Nebari girl, infected with a virus and voracious sexual appetite.  Designed to be a weapon of mass destruction, she matures into a loved member of the Moya crew, who is not afraid to get her hands dirty to save her friends.

Frell! is a shimmering satin white with a slight pink iridescence and blue sparkle

The second group introduces us to Ka D'Argo, Aeryn Sun and Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan

Sensitive Warrior
Ka D'Argo a fierce Luxan warrior falsely accused and jailed for the murder of his Sebacean wife, yearns to be reunited with Jothee, the son he left behind. Eventually D'Argo shows his true nature, loyal, kind, and strong.   I'm Your Daddy!

Sensitive Warrior is a shimmering peachy tan with a gold reflect and green sparkle

Guiding Star

Aeryn Sun, trained since birth to be an elite Peacekeeper soldier, is deemed  irreversibly contaminated by Peacekeeper command and sentenced to death.  She takes a chance that American space cowboy John Crichton was right when he told her she could be so much more than just a soldier.

Guiding Star is a black based aubergine with blue and silver sparkle

Anarchist Priest

Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan, a Delvian Priestess and spiritual guide to the Moya crew harbors a dark secret, one that led to her imprisonment on Moya.  And I'm not talking about the fact that she is a plant.

Anarchist Priest is a rich cornflower blue with bold blue sparkles

The final group introduces us to Dominar Rygel XVI, John Crichton and Moya


Rygel XVI is Dominar to over 600 billion loyal and adoring subjects, that was until he was deposed by his cousin Bishan.  Now just another prisoner, Rygel uses his persuasive charms to get the Moya crew out of some sticky spots, although, he'll still sell you to the enemy if the price is right.

Yotz! is a hot raspberry pink with a slight blue iridescence and blue and pink sparkle

Find A Way Home

John Crichton, IASA Commander and brilliant scientist is now just another criminal, lost in space and hunted by Scarran and Peackeepers alike for the knowledge that lies locked inside his brain. John is honest, loyal and acts as a moral compass for the crew on Moya. He is also ridiculously hot!

Find a Way Home is a GORGEOUS warm satiny caramel copper with a golden pink cast and copper and gold sparkle


Moya is a living bio-mechanoid ship.  Enslaved by Peackeepers and fitted with a control collar, Moya is as much a fugitive as prisoners she carries. Moya loves and protects the lifeforms living within her walls. Starburst, her one defensive capability, helps keep them one step ahead capture.

Starburst is a complicated glitter bursting with blues, cobalts, blacks, silvers, greens.  It has so many layers and levels of sparkle that it is nearly opaque

Final Thoughts

This is like finishing the last page of a great novel. I am glad it's here, but I am sad it's over.  Geek Chic Cosmetics did a fantastic job.  I knew my beloved Farscape was in good hands. On top of all that geek bliss,  Find a Way Home could very well be my all time favorite shadow. I think I did a good job photographing this shadow and trust me, it is so much prettier in person.  It shifts from orange, to copper, to caramel with hints of pink and gold.  It applies like plush velvet and you can blend and blend and you never lose the complexity.  It softens, but it keeps that fire.

Sensitive Warrior is another stunner.  It has that same warm shift to it that Find a Way Home has.  It is another versatile color, much like another favorite from Geek Chic Cosmetics,  Kingslayer.

I liked Harvey in My Head more then I thought I would.  I am surprised, this particular shade of light grey is not easily duped.  Like Find a Way Home, it has that plush, velvety feel. It has enough sheen to keep it from looking flat and the red sparkle is fun!

I was disappointed by Anarchist Priest.  The color is beautiful, but it applied patchy and thin.  I am not a big fan of blue shadows, but if it had been more opaque, I might have worn this one.

Guiding Star is a lovely blackened purple.  Their use of glitter gives it a little extra flair, but it is not a completely unique shade.  If you don't already have a black based purple, this one is worth picking up.

Frell! is a perfect highlight shade.  It's shimmery, not frosty.  The slight pink cast would look great on cooler skintones.

Bonded to the Stars is another shade that while pretty, isn't terribly unique.  If you already have a few light greens, then you probably don't need this one.

Yotz! if you like bold, party colors you will love Yotz! I am willing to bet this would be great used wet as an eyeliner.

Starburst makes me want to run out and buy some of Geek Chic Cosmetics Glitter Grenades.  I wish I wore more blues because I've never seen a glitter with so much pigmentation and intensity.  If you are a glitter gal....get it! And check out their other glitters here

Where to buy: Geek Chic Cosmetics
Price: Samples $1.25 in a plastic clamshell or Full Sized $5.99 in a 5 gram jar


  1. This looks like a great collection! I think I've seen two or three episodes of Farscape? I know, I know, I'm painfully single-minded when it comes to sci-f- "Is it Star Trek? No? Nevermind." Ok, it's not quite that bad... but nearly so.

    1. Sarah....sweet Sarah. You need to make time and watch some Farscape. Please believe me, you will LOVE it. Swearzies!


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