Saturday, February 16, 2013

Milani TEXTURE CREAMS Specialty Nail Lacquer Review and Swatches

I was walking through a local store, hoping to find a Milani display.  Milani is still had for me to track down so I was excited when the sales woman in the cosmetics aisle said they were preparing for a full Milani display that was to be installed Monday. I asked if it would include Limited Edition items..that's when she took me to a stand where I found these!  Milani TEXTURE CREAMS Specialty Nail Lacquer.

Milani Texture Creams Specialty Nail Lacquer

I grabbed the woman...I actually seized her arm and gasped. I then fell to my knees and started stuffing them all into my basket.  I'm not ashamed, I never, ever get lucky when it comes to finding Milani.

I love the texture and the fun variety of colors.

Spoiled in Fuchsia

Milani Texture Cream Spoiled in Fuchsia

 Spoiled in Fuchsia is a bright magenta

Purple Streak

Milani Texture Cream Purple Streak
Purple Streak is a deep red based purple

Aqua Splash

Milani Texture Cream Aqua Splash
Aqua Splash is a turquoise that leans slightly more green than the swatch

Shady Gray

Milani Texture Cream Shady Gray
Shady Gray is a sooty charcoal gray

Tainted in Red

Milani Texture Cream Tainted in Red
Tainted in Red is a bright orange based red

Yellow Mark

Milani Texture Cream Yellow Mark
Yellow Mark is a bright canary yellow, leans slightly more orange than the swatch

And just for fun I thought I would layer A-England Ascalon over Shady Gray to make a textured holo.

Final Thoughts

These were so much fun to use.  With the exception of Aqua Splash they all applied in two coats.  Aqua really should have been 3 coats.  Shady Gray was close to opaque in one coat.  The formula was easy to use.  With the exception of Aqua Splash, which was runnier then the others, the polish was fluid, never goopy. These all have a matte finish.

I would recommend all the colors except Aqua Splash.  It was a little harder to use and the color just wasn't as bold or vibrant as the other shades.  Spoiled in Fuchsia was my favorite.  It is like happy in a bottle.

I love the gritty texture, the biggest issue I had was that I couldn't stop touching my nails.

Where to buy:  Milani  or you can look at your local  Meijer, Walgreens, HEB and Fred Meyers
Price: $4.99 (I found mine for $4.49 at Fred Meyers)

Worried about removal?  Don't be.  Check out my tutorial on how to remove stubborn glitter polish in 5 mins using only 2 cotton balls!  I used this method and the polish removed quickly and easily.


  1. These are like the new-ish OPI ones. Do they snag your clothes? I wear a lot of sweaters to work and I'm worried about them tearing my sweaters up.

    1. I have not done extended wear testing, but they are not so jagged that they would snag clothing. It's just gritty.

    2. Awesome, I may have to try them out. The Aqua Splash is my favorite, I may have to get it anyway and see if I can force it to apply correctly.

    3. It just takes a little extra time is all. If you let it dry down completely you should be ok. I am thinking three coats of a textured polish could get too think and be prone to more chipping. You could always try layering it over another teal.

    4. Yeah, I'd like to play around with it. I was thinking maybe a layer over a navy and see what kind of effect it has.

    5. I am going to try a textured gradiant! These will be so much fun to play with.

    6. You'll have to share pics! Now you have me excited. :p

    7. Working on the mani it!

  2. That purple and fuchsia are gorgeous!

    1. They are! Spoiled in Fuchsia is my first go to color for summer. You will love them both, the purple is so...grapey.

  3. The colors are so fun, but I'm so bad about picking at my nails if they're not perfectly smooth! I love chunky glitter polishes, but I just pick and pick and pick... I'm not sure I can do these :P

    1. Marilyn I have one word for you....pedicure!!

  4. Ohhh these look so fantastic! I particularly love the red and yellow because they're just so bright.

  5. I just got Yellow Mark and Shady Gray. It's cool that your Fred Meyer is putting in a Milani display. The Freddy's nearest me doesn't carry Milani at all anymore. So frustrating.

    1. My Fred Meyers are 50/50 Some only have tiny table top displays and now a few are bringing in the full stands. I see alot of Prestige displays going away and Milani coming in.


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