Monday, February 25, 2013

Review: Detrivore Cosmetics Heathen, Fungus and Cyprium

Time to shower a little more local love on Detrivore Cosmetics.  Detrivore Cosmetics is a indie beauty brand based out of my neck of the woods in the Pacific NW and they have gorgeous shadows with creepy, morbid names  *squeal*

Last time I received a package from Detrivore, my husband came in and said "You got some more of that bug makeup"  Loved it!  And really, I love the Detrivore packaging, it just makes me happy.

If you follow Detrivore on Facebook, you will get notifications when they have their 10 for $20 sale.  This deal is not always active on their website, but when it is, you can score 10 full sized shadows for $20 (excluding LE shadows which are clearly noted on the sale page)  It is a very good deal!

Detrivore shadows are pigmented, easy to apply and come in fun colors like Lab Rat, Filth and Putrid.  This time I will review Heathen, Fungus and Cyprium.


Detrivore Cosmetics Heathen

Heathen is a sweet potato color  with golden sheen and gold sparkles.

Detrivore Cosmetics Fungus 

Fungus is a pea green with gold sparkle


Detrivore Cosmetics Cyprium
Cyprium is rich russet brown with a copper sheen and pink sparkle

Final Thoughts

I will continue to take advantage of the 10 for $20 sales whenever possible.  The quality of the shadows is solid.  I've only had two that I felt were dry and tough to apply.  The colors selection is good and a few like Scar and Abnormal are both unique and to die for gorgeous.  It'd enough to keep me coming back for more.

Where to buy: Detrivore Cosmetics
Price: $1.00 for a sample bag  $4.00 for full sized in 5 gram jar ( I need to check what the product volume is, I am guessing 1-3 grams, I will find out for sure)


  1. Not a huge fan of bugs but the product itself looks nice :)

  2. ilove Fungus, I need to order from Detrivore one day

  3. Ooh I really like Cyprium. One of my best friends in an entomologist, I bet she'd love this collection!

  4. These appeal to the science nerd in me. Thanks for reviewing these!


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