Friday, February 22, 2013

Review: Whip Hand Cosmetics Creme Blush in Chosen

More goodies from Whip Hand Cosmetics.  If you've not noticed, I'm a huge fan of Whip Hand Cosmetics.  I first became aware of them last year, at that point it was just a photo of two gorgeous women fighting over a clutch.  Since then they've started to catch fire with makeup artists all over the world for their innovative products.  The rest of the beauty world is starting to take notice as well.

Whip Hand Cosmetics Creme Blush in Chosen was actually one of the first products I ever tried.  Sadly I lost all my product photos and finally gave up the ghost and re-shot them all. 

Whip Hand Cosmetics Chosen Creme Blush
Whip Hand Creme Blushes are highly pigmented, easy to apply, long lasting and come poured into 3 oz pans which are easily popped into your palette of choice.  I love using them with Z Palettes since they need no additional magnetic stickers, just take out of the plastic clam shell and pop into the palette.

Whip Hand Cosmetics Chosen Creme Blush
The Whip Hand Creme Blush consistency falls between the creaminess of their Lip Cremes and the tackiness of their Creme Shadows.  The result is a product that applies and smooths easily across the skin, while having enough grip to give it staying power.  Unlike other creme blushes I've tried, Whip Hand Creme Blushes are not prone to being absorbed into the skin.

Whip Hand Cosmetics Chosen Creme Blush Swatch
Chosen is part bubble gum, part rose petals with silver sparkle throughout.  This is one of their lighter shades and makes a stunning highlighter.  Even with my fair skin, this is not quite dark enough to work as a blush on it's own. I prefer to apply a shade like Benefit Hervana to my cheeks and then apply Chosen to my cheek bones.  The combination of the light pink and the silvery sheen gives you a bright youthful glow without looking like you just stumbled out of a rave. I wish I were better at photographing color on my cheeks because the effect is beautiful!

Final Thoughts

Whip Hand Cosmetics Creme products are one area where they really shine and the Creme Blush is no exception.  So much of what makes these products great are the textures.  This feels like no other creme blush I've tried.  I am used to creme blushes that either feel too waxy, too emollient or too thin.  The wear time is excellent without a primer, the pigmentation lasts 8hrs+ with only minimal fading. When I wear this over Set the Stage Face Primer,  it looks exactly the same 10-11 hrs after application.

The small size of the pan takes some getting used to.  It is palette friendly, but I wish it was a little bigger.  When I hit pan it will be tougher to get the product out of the sides since I am a finger, not tool applier.  I am currently going through that with my Thermal Creme Shadow, it's a bit of a pain given the slightly tacky nature of the products.  I warm the products with my finger before application, so getting those last bits out is a challenge.   It's not a deal breaker by any means and honestly this stuff lasts so long you have a good long while before it will be an issue.

These are NOT lip safe or eye safe.

Where to buy: Whip Hand Cosmetics
Price: 9.00 for 2.5 oz


  1. I want this!! Gorgeous color and I think I could wear it as is.

  2. This is so pretty! I was reading this last night and I actually had a dream that a friend was using Whip Hand cosmetics... This is what my life has come to. Anyway, I love cream blushes, especially ones with multi-dimensional color... The shimmer in this is gorgeous!


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