Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Review:Detrivore Cosmetics Ghoul, Ashes, Prey and Baleen

It's Detrivore time again!  Here are a few more from the last order I placed.  It's getting addictive.

This was my first time trying out their more matte finishes. 


Detrivore Cosmetics Ghoul
Ghoul is a shimmering celadon with multi colored sparkles


Detrivore Cosmetics Prey
Prey is a warm mahogany over a charcoal base and copper sparkle.


Detrivore Cosmetics Prey
Baleen is a matte/satin spruce blue green with turquoise sparkle


Detrivore Cosmetics Ashes
Ashes is a matte burnt umber with orange and gold sparkle

Final Thoughts

This was another solid offering from Detrivore.  The only issue I had was with Prey.  The color is beautiful, but I found the texture was a little dry and had the tendency to be patchy. I'd probably pass on this color, which sucks because it was very pretty when it worked.  Loved the turquoise glitter in Baleen.  It really enhanced the blue undertones in the green. I love mattes with sparkles!

Where to buy: Detrivore Cosmetics
Price: $1.00 for a sample bag  $4.00 for full sized in 5 gram jar ( I need to check what the product volume is, I am guessing 1-3 grams, I will find out for sure)


  1. Ghoul is stunning. I need to place a Detrivore order some day.

    1. They have 35% off right now. Perfect time! I am heading back to get the Mad Scientist collection!


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