Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Whip Hand Cosmetics Camo Collection for Beauty Army

Do you have a Beauty Army subscription?  If so you may have seen the adorable Camo Collection mini shadows from Whip Hand Cosmetics.  I was excited when I heard Whip Hand Cosmetics was joining forces with Beauty Army.  I'm a big fan of Whip Hand Cosmetics Loose Pigments and now a large number of you have had a chance to try these for yourselves.

Whip Hand Cosmetics Beauty Army Camo Collection
The Whip Hand Cosmetics Camo Collection is made up of 4 limited edition loose pigments with a military theme.  Their signature pulp noir vials have been given an army makeover for the occasion.

Whip Hand Cosmetics Beauty Army Camo Collection
The four pigments in this collection are Special Forces, Locked and Loaded, Green Beret and Medal of Honor.  The colors in this collection compliment each other nicely and being an orange freak, seeing these I immediately got all manner of excited.

Special Forces

Whip Hand Cosmetics Beauty Army Special Forces
Special Forces is a satin light sandy terracotta

Locked and Loaded

Whip Hand Cosmetics Beauty Army Locked and Loaded
Locked and Loaded is a shimmering rich medium golden taupe

Green Beret

Whip Hand Cosmetics Beauty Army Green Beret
Green Beret is a shimmering medium army green (think faded fatigues) with gold sparkle

Medal of Honor

Whip Hand Cosmetics Beauty Army Medal of Honor
Medal of Honor is a metallic copper orange with gold sparkle

Final Thoughts

The Whip Hand Cosmetics Camo Collection Loose Pigments are solid winners. This was my first time trying their more satin and metallic finishes.  Special Forces, which is a satin finish that almost borders on matte is pigmented and opaque on first application.  Medal of Honor is a stunner.  The finish is molten metallic beauty and the sparkles in the shadow give it fire.  They need to do more like this!  Locked and Loaded is a wonderful neutral for those who love their taupes.  It has the rich finish I've enjoyed in other Whip Hand Cosmetics loose pigments.   I've had a hard time getting excited about greens lately, but I will say Green Beret is a shade of green that I don't see much of.  It's not sage, it's not olive it reminds me exactly of my Dad's old faded Marine Corp fatigues. The gold sparkle keeps it from looking too flat or drab.  Whip Hand Cosmetics Loose Pigments are worth checking out.  The quality is superb and the selection is impressive.

Where to buy: Beauty Army
Price:  $14.00 for 3 gram

All shadows swatched over Whip Hand Cosmetics Thermal Creme shadow

This review contains sample product sent to me for consideration.  All opinions are my own.  For more information visit my disclosure page


  1. I've never seen this before, what vibrant pretty shades. :)

  2. I subscribed to Beauty Army specifically so I could get those minis. The colors are great and the texture is terrific.

  3. OMG, freaking gorgeous colors. I'm sure if I can pull off Green Beret but the other three are right up my alley. How do they wear on your lids? Any fall outs? My clumsy fingers can't handle loose pigment very well :D

  4. They wear beautifully. Apply silkily and no fall out, not even Medal of Honor. They are user friendly, however, I still decant my Whip Hand loose pigments into 5 gram jars. I love the look and feel of the vials, but I feel safer using a lower profile container.

    I'm falling more and more in love with Special Forces. It is such a soft buttery orange and it looks like velvet on the lid.

  5. All of these colors are lovely, but Medal of Honor - love it!


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