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Spa Sonic Skin Care System Face and Body Polisher

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A few weeks ago I was approached about testing and reviewing the Spa Sonic Skin Care System.  I had not heard much about the Spa Sonic Skin Care System prior to this contact, however it seemed like a product many would be interested in, so I enthusiastically agreed.

Spa Sonic Skin Care System

The Spa Sonic Skin Care System is described as a face and body polisher, that both cleans and exfoliates.  It uses a variety of rotating heads to clean, buff, smooth and polish the softest and roughest parts of your body.  The Spa Sonic Skin Care System is ready to go right out of the box.

Spa Sonic Skin Care System

This is what you get with the Spa Sonic Skin Care System.  It comes with everything you need to get started, even the batteries!!  You get the hand held wand, two small face brushes, one large body brush, one facial sponge and one pumice head.

Spa Sonic Skin Care System Small Face Brush

The two small face brushes are compact and incredibly soft, softer then the Clarisonic senstive skin brush head I've been using.  The bristles are more densely packed then the Clarisonic heads and are about 1/2 the size in total surface area.

Spa Sonic Skin Care System Pumice and Sponge Brush
Two unique features are the pumice and sponge heads. The pumice head is pretty smooth, still pumicey (made that word up) but not jagged like some of the cheap pumice you buy to scrub your feet.  I was afraid of the pumice head after some aggressive pumiceing I did years ago on my rough, Hobbit like feet.  However, when used over shower softened skin, I found it easily buffed away rough patches without leaving my skin raw.  It couldn't eat through all my calluses, but it made a difference to be sure.

The sponge head feels like a dense cosmetic wedge sponge, with a cushiony feel. It is a microderm abrasion head designed to stimulate skin cells and improve skin elasticity.  I will admit, do to some pre-exsisting skin concerns, I have not tried the microderm abrasion sponge head.  But it seems intriguing and is pleasing to poke.

Spa Sonic Skin Care System Body Brush

The body brush is about 4x the size of the small face brush.  It is soft, but stiffer than the small face brushes.  The texture and feel of this brush is similar to the Clarisonic brush heads, only the bristles on this head are are about double the length on the Clarisonic bristles.  It does a nice job of cleaning and smoothing large areas of skin.  I use this almost exclusively on my neck, chest and shoulders.

Spa Sonic Skin Care System vs Clarisonic

Here is a quick comparison photo of some Spa Sonic Heads and a Clarisonic head.  These were all damp, hence the tissue paper back drop.  Also, I smooshed the body brush head in a mesh bag so the dent there is my fault.  You can see the Spa Sonic Small Face Brush on the left, the Clarisonic Sensitive Brush Head in the middle and the Spa Sonic Body Brush on the right.

I think most people looking at this product want to know if this is similar to a Clarisonic.  The answer is yes.....and no.  The big difference between the two products are the brush head mechanisms.  The Clarisonic vibrates, the Spa Sonic rotates.  Here is a link to video posted by 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic  showing the Clarisonic and the Spa Sonic side by side.

 *Video by Christine at 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic

So you can see when you view these two products side by side they function quite differently.  But does that effect how the product cleans and exfoliates your skin?  Not really, at least not in my opinion.

When I tested the Spa Sonic Skin Care System, I cleaned one half of my face with the Spa Sonic Skin Care System and I washed the other half with my Clarisonic Plus.  I disregarded the usual timing feature of my Clarisonic and I used them exactly for the same length of time on each side.

When I clean my face with my Clarisonic it leaves it with a distinctly clean and smooth feel.  It's unmistakable for me.  So how did my skin feel after using the Spa Sonic?  Exactly the same!  After using both products I could not feel any difference between the two halves of my face.

Now, there are some distinct differences worth noting.

First, the rotating vs vibrating brush heads.  While they seem to yield the same end result, the Spa Sonic rotating heads take getting used to.  I was used to moving my Clarisonic across my skin in a circular motion.  However, when I did this with the Spa Sonic the wand sort of wobbled and lurched across my skin.  I had to learn to just glide it across my skin, not move it in circles.

The second difference are the brush head sizes.  At first, I thought the smaller brush head was going to be a drawback, however, it turned into a big plus in my book.  One of my problem areas is my nose.  The skin is flaky, prone to black heads and redness and using the Clarisonic on my nose has been comical.  I have to stick one finger up my nose and wiggle my nostril around to fit the Clarisonic in the relevant crannies. I hate that!  However, the smaller and softer brush heads fit around my nose perfectly!  The fact that the head rotates just makes it that much easier.

The third difference worth noting is the absence of a base or brush cover.  This is one thing I wish the Spa Sonic had.  I like to keep my skin care systems in the shower, but I wont do that without a brush cover.  Right now, I keep my spa sonic in a mesh bag that hangs on the outside of my shower door.  It works, but it is not my ideal since it can smoosh the brush heads.  I could find other storage alternatives, but hey, I'm lazy.

The last and perhaps biggest difference is the price.  You can find the complete Spa Sonic Skin Care System at retailers like Target for about $60.  Replacement heads cost about $10-$11 dollars for two!  A single Clarisonic replacement head will run your $25  I haven't used the Spa Sonic Skin Care System long enough to tell you how long a brush head lasts, but I can tell you my Clarisonic has fell silent for months at a time because I could not bring myself to cough up $25 for a replacement head.

Final Thoughts

The Spa Sonic Skin Care System has a lot going for it.  First, it has a very comfortable price point.  It retails for about $60-$70 (varies by retailer) compared to $120 for an intro Clarisonic Mia. Both the Spa Sonic and Clarisonic Mia offer a single speed wand that cleans and exfoliates.  With The Spa Sonic Skin Care System, you also get 3 additional, unique brush heads.  The Spa Sonic wand isn't quite as sturdy as the Clarisonic, but I threw it on the floor once by accident and I found it handled the impact quite well.  The rotating head mechanism, likewise does not feel quite as solid as the Clarisonic, but the product cleaned my face identically and in the case of my nose, more easily then the Clarisonic.

I think if you are in the market for a skin care cleaning system and the Clarisonic is giving you some sticker shock, then you should check out the Spa Sonic Skin Care System.  It does what it says it will do, they make a variety of brush heads, half of which Clarisonic does not offer and does it for half the price.   It also comes in a variety of colors and can be purchased from several major retailers including Target, Walmart, Walgreens and CVS.

Where to buy:  Target, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens and other large retailers
Price: $60-$70 depending on the retailer.

Until May 5th 2013 you can purchase the Spa Sonic Skin Care System at for $49.99  this is a really great deal and makes a great gift for Mother's Day!

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  1. I love my Clarisonic and I'm glad to see they are finally launching viable options. (some of the "dupes" were awful at first!) Thanks so much for sharing you're comparison! I think it will help a lot of people who are deciding.

  2. Thanks for the comparison! I really want a clairisonic but can't justify the price. Love that this left your skin feeling the same!

  3. Kohls has it for $39.99 until 5/12/13 and with coupons you can lower it to $27.99 with a Kohls charge card or $34.99 without.

    1. Thank you for the heads up on the sale. That is a great deal

  4. Do you know how it compares to the Olay product, please?

    1. I do not know how they compare, as I've not used the Olay, however they look similar in their appearance. So I'm guessing, comparable, but that is just a guess.

  5. I have read in other reviews that Sonic is under-powered. Did you find that to be a difference between the Sonic and the Clairisonic?

    1. I would say yes and no. The Clarisonic has more power and feels sturdier, but what the Spa does is different from what Clarisonic does. It doesn't have the oomph of the Clarisonic, but I found it cleans just the same. I have both and I find myself reaching for the Spa over the Clarisonic.

  6. Thank you so much for the tips. I am now actually relieved to know that I have been already following these tips for my skin prior to reading this article. Thank you and keep writing such profitable blog posts.


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